Types Of Evergreen Trees

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A big part of what makes trees attractive to many gardeners is the glorious display of colors they put on in fall. Deciduous trees are a sort of living calendar, keeping track of the seasons through their changing appearance. From the fresh green growth of spring, through summer’s shady foliage and fall’s firework display to the stark bare twigs of winter, they always signal the time of year.

Evergreens have their appeal too, though. Solid and unchanging, they ensure that your garden still has some visual interest in winter. They also provide valuable shelter for birds and small animals when the weather’s cold – there’s always a refuge in their foliage no matter what time of year. Many species are dense enough to act as windbreaks to spare your property from the worst impact of the wind. They can also have a spectacular appearance – some grow to an impressive size, or have interesting coloring.

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